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Team Info: Get Involved

Team Schedule (2022 schedule)

6:00-7:00AM             Team Arrival & Setup
7:00-8:00AM            Meat Inspection
**(Teams need to be checked in / meat inspected before team meeting)**
8:30AM                     Team Meeting (Mandatory for all teams)
12:30PM                    Judge Check In
1:00 PM                     Judges Meeting (Mandatory for all judges)
2:00PM                      Chicken Turn In (1:55PM to 2:05PM)
2:30PM                      Pork Rib Turn In (2:25PM to 2:35PM)
3:00PM                      Best Sauce Turn In (2:55PM to 3:05pm)
3:30PM                      Best Dish Turn in (3:25 to 3:35pm)
6:00PM                      Awards Ceremony (Approx)

Ingredient Info

1.     Uncooked ribs - cannot be seasoned until after inspection
2.     Uncooked chicken - cannot be seasoned until after inspection
3.     Uncooked ingredients for best dish
4.     Cooking equipment for your ribs and chicken
5.     Sauces can be prepared in advance and heated on site.
6.     Must turn in six portions of each item to be judged.

KCBS Chicken and Ribs Rules

This is a KCBS Backyard event.  The chicken and ribs portion of the event must follow the KCBS rules.

Competition rules available here: 

KCBS site

Best Dish

The Best Dish is open to any item, but all items must be prepared on site.

Team Space

Each team will be allotted a space that is approximately 20' long x 15’ deep. Teams are allowed to bring a 10x10 canopy, tables, chairs and family friendly team signage to place within their allotted space.  You will not be able to erect any structures (other than a 10x10 canopy).  All items necessary to cook your ribs and chicken must be brought by the team (e.g., grills, smokers, wood, charcoal, water).  Charcoal and wood are the only heat sources allowed (no lighter fluid, gas, propane, etc.).  Each team will be supplied a container for submitting their ribs and chicken.  Vehicles and trailers must be parked off site.  Public parking is available nearby.

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